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The secured firewall dealers Chennai.

The firewal is the build on hardware and software net security system in which, it acts as a defendable system to secure the internal network from another network.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Why do we need a firewall?

It is important that our internal network must be secured against the external networks. Some of our website server may get down due to inability of firewall security. We provide the best firewall security to all your LAN networks connected towards it.

The wall acts as full power packed barrier bridge between unsecured networks from secured networks. To protect our network from harms, hackers and virus, the best internet security firewall is needed.

We are the best dealers of firewall service with the effective and low cost and are expert in doing Nix base technology Linux mail server. To protect your network from other networks, we are not only providers but also protecters. Our companyy is located at Chennai and Bangalore covering all over south India. Email us or contact us for further details as mentioned below.

Contact Us

C K Sathyanarayanan

Phone :+91 9940042415

S Murali

Phone :+91 9380209661

G Dwaraknath

Phone :+91 9381931525

M R Hari

phone :+91 9380931521

nixbase Technology

(Unit of I Tech Services)
25/32 Mahalakshmi Street,
Mail id: cksathyanarayan@gmail.com, nixbase@gmail.com

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