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                Hi, welcome to AliExpress!

                New User Gifts – Choose one!

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                New User Coupon Rules

                1. 1. By definition, "New Users" are individuals who have never placed an order on AliExpress.com.
                2. 2. There is a limit of one New User Coupon per each new user.
                3. 3. To use the New User Coupon, the order amount must exceed the required purchase minimum listed for the coupon.
                4. 4. The New User Coupon has a set period of validity. Please refer to your individual New User Coupon to check its expiry date.
                5. 5. The New User Coupon can be used on both the AliExpress PC site and mobile app.
                6. 6. The New User Coupon is valid for your first order only, and it cannot be used on later orders, even if your first order is cancelled.
                7. 7. New users may choose to benefit from either the New User Coupon or the US $0.01 gift deal, but they cannot choose both.
                8. 8. The New User Coupon offer may be invalidated for accounts that have been flagged for suspicious activity or rule violations.
                US $0.01  
                US $2 Coupon  
                Exclusive Price  
                US $0.01  
                US $2 Coupon  
                Exclusive Price  
                Shop US $0.01 deals! New User Coupons can't be applied
                Save with the New User Coupon!
                Get an extra 5-10% off Hot Picks For You
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